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What Are Dynamic NFTs And How Do They Differ From Static NFTs?

Dynamic NFTs, also known as dNFTs, are a new generation of nonfungible tokens that include programmable and interactive features, allowing the creation of digital items that can change and evolve over time and, as a result, enabling artists to offer a more engaging experience for buyers and fans.

Top Games That Will Redefine Web3 Gaming

Discover the future of Web3 gaming with these groundbreaking titles that blend engaging gameplay, NFT ownership, and innovative mechanics. Explore the exciting world of decentralized gaming and its impact on the industry.

๐Ÿ’ก Learn | How Fast Can I Integrate reNFT Rentals Protocol?

An integration can be simple, fast and seamless โ€“ easy as Plug & Play, however, this depends on the type of solution and level of involvement you want from the reNFT team. The integration process can vary from a couple of days to longer, depending on the complexity of the project.

The History of Virtual Worlds

Most Popular Web3 Games: March 2023

Let's have a look most popular Web3 games, using data from DappRadar.

At the top of the charts, Alien Worlds (running on WAX) continues to be the #1 game in terms of on-chain activity.

It peaked at over 250,000 last week and more generally attracted more than 200k daily active wallets during March, in part thanks to activity in its planetary DAOs, which are a key element of the projectโ€™s roadmap during 2023.

Splinterlands (HIVE) is still in second place, although only just as its average daily activity during March dropped below 100k wallets.

Planet IX (Polygon) averaged around 50,000 daily active unique wallets during March, as did Farmers World (WAX).

Looking at some of the smaller projects, Upland (EOS) and Nine Chronicles (custom) maintained their activity in the low 20k daily active unique wallets, while Sunflower Land (Polygon) continued its steady growth, rising over 15k. Axie Infinity (Ronin) recovered from its sub-10k level at the end of February.

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