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Happy Friday and welcome back to another weekly dose of the Newsblastr! Your weekly recap of reNFT news, and the latest scoops on Web3.

In this week's offering, we celebrate our partnership with Toshimon, we have a great recap from our week at GDC, and as usual, we have a roundup of the biggest news in the space, and more.

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reNFT Partners With Toshimon to Enable NFT Rentals

We're incredibly excited to announce an official partnership with Toshimon - an amazing on-chain PvP battling game! Through this partnership, reNFT will make it possible for everyone to rent and lend the various exciting Toshimon Cards completely (collateral-free and trustless) for both Polygon and Ethereum!

GDC 2023 Recap

‍GDC was an unforgettable experience. After a whirlwind 5 days in San Francisco last week, we returned home with a stack of notes, hundreds of new connections, and a lot less merch than we arrived with. So, hop on, and let’s dive into the highlights and insights from our exciting week at GDC 2023.

Top Games That Will Redefine Web3 Gaming

Discover the future of Web3 gaming with these groundbreaking titles that blend engaging gameplay, NFT ownership, and innovative mechanics. Explore the exciting world of decentralized gaming and its impact on the industry.

Learn | Can I Whitelabel reNFT?

reNFT can be used as a fully whitelabel solution, this means that you can seamlessly integrate our protocol into your project while keeping/maintaining your project's front-end or gaming interfaces. If you decide to save time and headaches, we also offer dedicated integration pages on the reNFT front-facing platform.

The History of Virtual Worlds

Metamask Airdrop Rumors Dismissed by Metamask: Stay Safe!

MetaMask has warned its users about false rumors of a snapshot and airdrop happening on March 31. Scammers and phishers may create fake sites to steal users' private keys or sensitive information.

These scams can result in the theft of cryptocurrency, NFTs, or access to other online accounts. To protect against these scams, MetaMask users are encouraged to double-check the authenticity of any sites, verify the URL and ensure the site is secure.

Latest Web3 Scoops

web3 Studios x Polygon Labs x Blockchain Game Alliance just released their Market Report for Blockchain Gaming with top Web3 market leaders, and the findings couldn't be more exciting! πŸ”₯

πŸ’₯ they estimate a $70B opportunity by 2030;
πŸ’₯ Web3 games and Metaverse projects raised $7.6bn in 2022, marking a 59% increase over the previous year;
πŸ’₯ the existing technical and social infrastructures in place for blockchain gaming (distribution, AAA development, public awareness, etc.) make it more primed for explosive adoption than the traditional gaming industry.

Dark Side of the Meme

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