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  • Polygon & Immutable join forces, a guide for game devs to navigate privacy-first marketing, and more! | Newsblastr #6 👉

Polygon & Immutable join forces, a guide for game devs to navigate privacy-first marketing, and more! | Newsblastr #6 👉

Hey frens 👋

Happy Friday and welcome back to another weekly dose of the Newsblastr. The market seemed to be stabilizing after a wild few weeks, and then lol. On Wednesday afternoon, the SEC hit Coinbase with a Wells Notice, then less than 24 hours later, OpenAI took a flamethrower to huge swaths of the generative AI startup landscape with the release of Integrations.

Also, we got news of Polygon and Immutable joining forces to make Web3 gaming more accessible to game devs, and our team has been crushing it at GDC, and so much more!

Let's get to it! 🚀

Stories from the company rocking the world of Web3.

BGA Breakfast & Panel Discussion @ GDC 2023!

"We see builders create utility and scarcity around expensive assets which cut off a lot of mainstream gamers from being able to use them. A lot of them forget that the common model in the gaming industry is free-to-play.

Some interesting data we saw from one of the games was that 37% of blockchain users onboarded through using rental models & 40% of those eventually converted to in-game purchases.”

Nick Vale dropping knowledge at a GDC side event co-hosted by reNFT, BGA, Venly, Cronos, and D.G.Pals.

"A new frontier of blockchain games: Fun first, followed by ownership and autonomy" - an insightful panel discussion moderated by Flavien Defraire from BGA.

Polygon & Immutable Joined Forces To Attract Web3 Game Developers

The Web3 gaming landscape is about to witness a significant transformation. Polygon Labs and Immutable have partnered to accelerate the growth of Web3 gaming and make it more accessible to game studios and developers.

Adapting Web3 Mobile Game Devs to a Privacy-First World

The privacy-first landscape is here to stay. Discover key insights and recommendations for Web3 mobile game developers to adapt and thrive in the evolving in this privacy-first reality.

Web3 Gaming Unlocks the Full Potential of User-Generated Content

Discover how Web3 is revolutionizing user-generated content in gaming and the metaverse, addressing challenges faced by Web2 UGC games, and unlocking new opportunities for creators and players.

Learn | What Solutions Do You Provide?

We currently provide two main solutions; traditional rentals and reward share rentals. In a traditional rental, the renter pays the lender X amount per an agreed-upon rental period. In a reward share rental, the renter and lender both agree to share the rewards in which the renter receives without any upfront payment for an agreed-upon rental period.

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