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  • Castle Crush Reaches 100K Milestone in NFT Rentals, reNFT at GDC, and more | Newsblastr #5 👉

Castle Crush Reaches 100K Milestone in NFT Rentals, reNFT at GDC, and more | Newsblastr #5 👉

Hey frens 👋

Happy Friday and welcome back to our weekly dose of Newsblastr. What a week, huh? It’s been one for the history books, filled with low lows and high highs.

Last Friday, we mentioned the struggles at Silicon Valley Bank. Later that morning, the FDIC took over and uncertainty reigned until the US government stepped in and backstopped deposits on Sunday night. In the process, the tech industry managed to piss a whole lot of people off.

And then… we got the easiest week ever to write about cool Web3 things. Castle Crush smashing NFT rentals metrics, Sony's patents on NFTs and blockchain, reNFT back on the road to GDC, and take a look at all the good things happening in Web3.

Let's get to it! 🚀

Stories from the company rocking the world of Web3.

Castle Crush Reaches 100K+ Milestone in NFT Rentals 🤯

Our partner game Castle Crush is truly a success story—one of the games to take a Web2 development path and add Web3 features through Avalanche. With an impressive 1.4M+ active players, after integrating reNFT's rental protocol, Castle Crush reached a milestone for its NFT ownership, seeing a boost of rented playable items.

With over 75 million lifetime downloads, Castle Crush’s blockchain release made it one of the largest projects in the space by player base. And with reNFT rentals technology, metrics have been through the roof!

So, why would someone rent an NFT?! Follow the link below for a supercharged thread full of data and insights on the incredible impact of NFT Rentals on gaming—written by our CEO @nickev123.

Sony's Patent for NFTs & Blockchain Uncovered: Disruption Inspired by reNFT?

Sony has recently started dabbling with the use of NFTs and blockchain technology within the PlayStation ecosystem. The company’s recent patents suggest a foray into NFT rentals on PS4 and PS5, drawing inspiration from the pioneering work of reNFT.

Epic Games and Niantic Want to Shape the Future of Web3 Gaming

With gaming mammoths like Epic Games, Niantic, and others, embracing Web3 technologies, the future of gaming is bound to change in ways that we can only imagine.

A look to the future: Which jobs will be created by Web3 gaming?

What if you could turn your gaming hobby into a career? The rise of Web3 gaming opens up job creation and development opportunities in the gaming industry. Let's dive into it!

Let's Meet Up @ GDC 2023!

reNFT is attending GDC, from 20th-24th March 2023 and would love to meet up with game devs and web3 builders from all around the world.

If you are a game developer looking to supercharge your game economics, we have the solution for you.

Let’s talk about NFT rentals! Book a meeting. DM: @0xjrp

Learn | In What Blockchains is reNFT Available?

We are live on Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain. reNFT is a fully blockchain-agnostic protocol. We strive to be compatible with any blockchain that has compelling use cases and activity for rental infrastructure. At first, blockchains with the most games and activity are prioritized.

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