Amazon to Launch NFT Marketplace, ETHDenver Recap, and more | Newsblastr #4 👉

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With the struggles at Silicon Valley Bank, things are as shaky in the markets as they’ve been in a while. So let’s zoom out and take a look at all the good things happening in Web3.

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Stories from the company rocking the world of Web3.

ETHDenver 2023: Recap

It’s hard to overstate how productive, fun, and educational was ETHDenver last week.

Exciting Web3 projects, partners, builders, and an amazing community, with too many interesting people and conversations to count.

The energy was unreal. ⚡

Amazon to Launch NFT Marketplace: A Game-Changer for Mass Adoption of Web3?

Amazon is set to launch its own NFT marketplace next month. This move is HUGE and could truly impact Web3 on a global scale.

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Latest Web3 Scoops

ERC-4337 Explainer

Last week, ERC-4337 went live on the Ethereum network - the most significant milestone in Web3 since the merge. Th…

Back in September 2021, a group including Vitalik Buterin submitted an Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP), ERC-4337: Account Abstraction Using Alt Mempool. Last week, at ETHDenver, it went live.

Without going too deep into the details, ERC-4337 allows for Smart Accounts that would solve a lot of the issues with Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs), like your Metamask wallet.

Instead of forcing people to write down their private key or seed phrase and do a bunch of clunky things in order to transact, and leaving them out to dry if they lose that key or seed phrase, wallet and dapp developers can build in a bunch of features that make the experience feel a lot more like normal financial products or apps. Think account recovery, transaction limits, improved security, gasless transactions, and subscriptions. It enables all of that while preserving decentralization.

Might seem kind of wonky, but we’re including it here because it addresses a bunch of problems that web3’s critics argued would force either permanently bad UX or inevitable decentralization. While prices remain depressed, the infrastructure keeps improving.

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