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  • reNFT Launched on Polygon! πŸ’œ, NFTs are a perfect fit for CS:GO, and more | Newsblastr #3 πŸ‘‰

reNFT Launched on Polygon! πŸ’œ, NFTs are a perfect fit for CS:GO, and more | Newsblastr #3 πŸ‘‰

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We're back with another edition of the Newsblastr - the only newsletter getting ready to shill. So, let us take you on a journey to see what's been happening at reNFT and in the Web3 space.
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reNFT Launched on Polygon! πŸ’œ

Following months of development, improvement, and planning, reNFT launched on Polygon.

Polygon developers can immediately access and start integrating plug-and-play or white-label NFT rental functionality into their games. πŸ”₯

For any developer building their dream game with NFT functionality, our team is ready to be your partner for a seamless integration of an NFT rental solution.

Valve's latest controversies with CS: GO are hard to overlook. In a space that is prolific to hackers, scammers, and thieves, it seems like blockchain and NFTs could have prevented situations like the CS: GO hack.

Gaming guilds have existed in some form for a significant period in traditional gaming. Primarily, they have established communities of like-minded individuals who play video games together and share a mutual culture.

Come meet us at ETH Denver!

Last call! reNFT is attending ETH Denver until 5th March 2023 and would love to meet up with game devs and web3 builders!

Are you looking for ways to improve player onboarding and jump-start your game economy? We have the solution for you. Let's talk NFT rentals!

If you're currently attending, come and meet us! πŸ”₯

DM: @0xjrp

Are you our next passionate, boundary-pushing, problem-solving, unsung hero? We're currently looking for a Lead Backend Engineer and a Creative Brand Designer. Do you have what it takes? Follow the link and apply now!

Learn | Why would I rent an NFT?

You’d rent an NFT for the same reason you’d rent anything else - there is some measurable value to holding it, even if just temporarily. It might be a gaming asset that gives you access to a special tournament or quest, an in-game collectible, or having exclusive access to real-life events or online communities. As the NFT market continues to consolidate and utility becomes the norm, demand for rentals will only increase.

Latest Web3 Scoops

Snoop Dogg Launched β€˜Shiller’, the Live Streaming Web3 App

From NFT Ticketing, to NFTs in apps! Snoop Dogg, the hip-hop legend, has announced his newest venture, Shiller - a platform for web3 creators and enthusiasts.

Shiller promises to revolutionize the content creation industry with its innovative features, including the ability for creators to create their own tokens and digital passes, reach their fans, and monetize their content.

Shiller, helping creators get that bread

Snoop Dogg believes that Shiller provides a unique platform for creators to connect with their audiences using the best of Web3 tech, with interactive, real-time video and audio broadcasts.

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