How to Boost Web3 Games User Onboarding, DappRadar x BGA Report, and more | Newsblastr #2 👉

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Welcome to the second edition of the Newsblastr! Your weekly recap of reNFT news, and the latest scoops on Web3.

In this week's offering, we've got a great piece on how to create a seamless onboarding for web3 gaming, we dive into the importance of gaming guilds for blockchain adoption, we have a roundup of the biggest news in the space, and more.

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One of the biggest challenges in Web3 games is the onboarding process, which can be confusing, time-consuming, and overwhelming, especially for those unfamiliar with blockchain.

Gaming guilds have existed in some form for a significant period in traditional gaming. Primarily, they have established communities of like-minded individuals who play video games together and share a mutual culture.

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Learn | What are NFT Rentals?

NFT rental is a way for individuals who do not own a particular NFT to use its utility or experience it for a limited period of time. Renting an NFT is just like renting a car - you pay upfront to hold/use it for a pre-determined amount of time after which you return it. To do this, they can “borrow” the NFT from a platform that supports NFT rentals.

An NFT owner can rent out their NFT to a borrower who needs it for a short time. NFT rental marketplaces use blockchain to facilitate secure transactions and ensure that the NFT is returned to the owner when the rental period ends.

What Types of Gaming NFTs Will Exist in Web3?

Latest Web3 Scoops

Dapp Radar and BGA just released their 11th Blockchain Games Report and the results couldn't be more optimistic.

On-chain gaming activity rose 1.31%, making up 48% of January dapp activity.