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  • China's Games Market Reached $45.5 Billion in Revenue, NFTs Changing Brand Activation, and more! | Newsblastr #18 👉

China's Games Market Reached $45.5 Billion in Revenue, NFTs Changing Brand Activation, and more! | Newsblastr #18 👉

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The Big Ones

China's Games Market Reached $45.5bn in 2022

Generally speaking about the gaming market, I would not underestimate the surge of the Chinese Gaming market. In 2022 alone, the economy has accounted for a whopping $45,5 billion. This includes mobile, PC, and console games.

One stat that impressed me the most is the fact that 47% of the global revenue in mobile gaming comes from Chinese companies. Now let’s see which Chinese gaming firms are generating the most revenue.

Tencent, NetEase Made 80% of Revenue at China's Top 10 Listed Game Developers in the First Quarter

In the first quarter of 2023, Tencent Holdings and NetEase, two prominent players in the gaming industry, collectively generated over 80 percent of the total revenue among China's top 10 listed video game developers.

Seven of the top 10 published mobile games in China came from Tencent and NetEase during the three months ending on March 31. The report was released at the end of April.

Snoop Dogg launched a $42 NFT Passport that unlocks access to his concert tour content

Rapper and entertainer “Snoop Dogg” is taking a further step into web3 with the launch of an “evolving digital tour collectible”. The pass will unlock behind-the-scenes footage and content tied to the artist’s “High School Reunion Tour”

Stories from the company rocking the world of Web3.

How NFTs Are Changing the Landscape of Brand Activations

Learn how NFTs can boost customer engagement, foster brand loyalty, generate new revenue streams, and showcase brand creativity.

Dive into our guide on how your brand can prepare for this exciting revolution in the digital landscape.

Creating Event Value With NFTs

Discover how Blockworks revolutionized event profitability with Permies. Learn about the exciting potential of NFTs in transforming ticketing systems for events, engaging attendees, and creating new revenue streams.

How To Acquire More Gamers For Web3 Games?

Learn how to build a vibrant gaming community pre and post-launch, and understand the role of various gamer personas in the success of your Web3 games. Your guide to revolutionizing the gaming landscape.

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