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  • Apple's Spatial Magic vs Meta's Metaverse, Acquire More Gamers for Web3 Games, and more! | Newsblastr #17 👉

Apple's Spatial Magic vs Meta's Metaverse, Acquire More Gamers for Web3 Games, and more! | Newsblastr #17 👉

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The Big One

Apple’s Vision headset focus on AR and productivity is a stark contrast to Meta’s Quest VR strategy

Apple finally unveiled the $3499 VisionPro headset, while carefully repeating the terms “magic” and “spatial computing”, and avoiding “metaverse”, “Web3”, “AI”.

According to Mark Zuckerberg’s company wide note, it’s 1) nothing that Meta hasn’t explored before and 2) a fundamentally different approach to Meta’s ambition to get people connected and active instead of sitting alone on a couch.

The initial public reactions are surprisingly not as bad as the prevailing metaverse/VR market skepticism. Also, the memes are excellent.

Stories from the company rocking the world of Web3.

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Web3 Gaming Show

Latest Web3 Scoops

Most popular Web3 games: May 2023

Welcome to our regular look at the most popular Web3 games, using data from DappRadar.

At the top of charts, Alien Worlds (running on WAX) continues to be the #1 blockchain game in terms of on-chain activity. It maintained around 250,000 daily active unique wallets during May.

Splinterlands (HIVE) is (just) in second place, although on some days its daily count drops below that of Farmers World (WAX). Both have sustained audiences of around 50,000 daily active unique wallets.

The biggest faller remains Planet IX (Polygon), which has now dropped from a peak of around 100,000 daily active wallets in February to under 20,000 during May.

Axie Infinity (Ronin) continues to struggle, with under 10,000 daily active unique wallets despite launching a version of the game through Apple App Store.

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