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  • Pudgy Penguins releases toy collection, Ubisoft launches Assassin’s Creed NFTs, and more! | Newsblastr #14 👉

Pudgy Penguins releases toy collection, Ubisoft launches Assassin’s Creed NFTs, and more! | Newsblastr #14 👉

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Happy Friday and welcome back to another edition of our Newsblastr!

This week has been filled with lots of exciting happenings - so let's not waste any time and dive right into it! 🚀

Stories from the company rocking the world of Web3.

Web2 Keeps Testing NFTs  -  Here's What That Means For Us

Explore how Web2 brands like Nike, Twitter, and Starbucks are leveraging NFTs to transition into Web3, revolutionizing customer engagement and setting the stage for mass adoption of decentralized technology.

NFT Rentals and the Rise of Blockchain Adoption

Discover the future of gaming as we explore the impact of NFT rentals and the rise of blockchain adoption, creating a diverse and interconnected gaming ecosystem driven by tech-savvy gamers and innovative tokenization systems.

reNFT & Fabwelt Partner to Integrate NFT Rentals 🚀

We are incredibly excited to announce our partnership with Fabwelt, the innovative multi-genre gaming ecosystem that's transforming the world of blockchain gaming!

Through our partnership with Fabwelt, reNFT will enable players to rent and lend the various exciting NFTs completely collateral-free and trustless.

💡 Learn | How can I whitelabel reNFT?

reNFT can be used as a fully whitelabel solution, this means that you can seamlessly integrate the reNFT protocol in your project while keeping/maintaining your project's front-end or gaming interfaces. If you decide to save time and headaches, we also offer dedicated integration pages on the reNFT front-facing platform.

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Reflexivity Research: Overview of the Financialization of NFTs

A new report shows that the financialization of NFTs is proceeding rapidly, with NFT complexity increasing and interactions such as trading, lending and borrowing becoming more sophisticated.

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