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Stories from the company rocking the world of Web3.

Easing Into Web3 Gaming With a Hybrid Approach

What if we bridge traditional and blockchain-based experiences with a hybrid approach? Discover how this strategy offers seamless distribution, caters to all gamers, and paves the way for a smooth transition into the Web3 gaming world.

Apes Sail the Ether

Discover how the widely-acclaimed Bored Ape Yacht Club's 1 million ETH trading volume milestone is revolutionizing Web3, the NFT marketplace, and the digital art scene.

💡 Learn | Why Shouldn’t We Build a Rental Solution Ourselves?

Building a rental solution is complex and time-consuming. reNFT has worked for over two years to perfect our protocol solution. We will continuously work on maintaining the project. Along with this, we will enable compatibility with other protocols.

Web3 Gaming Show

Bankers Forecast Blockchain & Web3 Market to Grow the Fastest

Citi is predicting the size, growth, and time to adoption for blockchain and web3 relative to AI and metaverse in its latest “Money, Tokens, and Games” report:

  • TAM (bubble size): relatively smallest markets today (~$150B in 2027)

  • Time to Impact (vertical axis): longer than AI (~6-8 years) as it requires collaboration, standardization, and interoperability

  • Growth rate (horizontal axis): the highest among emerging technologies (~75%+) driven by large institutions and governments now beginning to adopt it

Latest Web3 Scoops

SEGA agrees to acquire Angry Birds maker Rovio Entertainment for $776.2M

Big news for gaming in general, where SEGA agrees to buy Rovio Entertainment for $776.2 M. This news might now be directly related to Web3 gaming. However, let’s do some research and find out if there are some Web3-gaming projects that initiated a collaboration with SEGA.

Since part of Web3 gaming companies’ plan is to onboard users from Web2 to Web3, it is crucial to also follow the developments in the general gaming landscape and not just what’s happening within blockchain gaming.

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